Dawes Performance & Interview on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic June 3, 2015 [Official Full Video]

Brad Bershad

by Brad Bershad

Published June 4, 2015


"Don't Send Me Away"
"All Your Favorite Bands"
"When My Time Comes"
"Somewhere Along The Way"
"A Little Bit Of Everything"
"Things Happen"
"Right On Time"

Bringing it all back home, Dawes dropped by KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic in Los Angeles to perform some songs and talk about their new album, All Your Favorite Bands. Watch the full video above. You can also head over to YouTube to watch clips of the album's lead singles, "Right On Time" and "Things Happen."

Right from the first song, you can see frontman Taylor Goldsmith playing guitar and singing with great energy. His brother Griffin backs him up with exceptional drumming and vocal harmonies. This is a top notch rock band at the height of their powers, laying down fantastic grooves with gorgeous melodies and harmonies. It's refreshing to see a band so locked together, who also appear to be taking chances and experimenting with the songs.

In addition to the fantastic music performances, Taylor Goldsmith's conversation with KCRW's Jason Bentley sheds a light on the meaning behind the lyrics and the band's intentions. It's an intimate conversation that covers on a number of other topics, from the creative process in the studio with producer David Rawlings to the band's connection to Robbie Robertson, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, and other legendary folk rockers. When asked about whether Dawes is carrying the torch of those iconic bands, Taylor explains:

We like singing three-part harmony. We like having guitar solos. I realize that might have an associative power, and rightfully so. But I also feel like there is a, you know, obviously this makes us happy. At the same time, what matters most to us is carving out that sort of singularity between the nuances, you know? Like, when you listen to a Gillian Welch record, it might be rooted in some tradition, but it's still completely her and you're never gonna find that music anywhere else, no matter how hard you look. So for us, we are starting from this foundation that is well explored, you could say (laughs), our favorite moments as a band have been less about, "Oh you guys are keeping something alive," and more like, "Oh, that sounds like Dawes." So, we do what we know how to do, and that's what you're hearing basically. But within that, the biggest dream we've ever had is for you to put on a record and immediately feel like, "I recognize that band. That's those guys."

If you're familiar with Dawes, you know this is a band with a sound and a style that's very personal and comes from the heart. They're certainly well versed in the popular music of the '60s and '70s, which is why the "May all your favorite bands stay together" line rings so true. In addition to playing five songs from the new album, they also play "When My Time Comes" from their 2009 debut album, North Hills, and "A Little Bit of Everything" from their 2011 album, Nothing Is Wrong.

Be sure to check out Dawes' tour dates and catch them in concert if you get the chance.

All Your Favorite Bands is available on Amazon (Vinyl, CD, MP3). You can also stream the full album and read our review here on Zumic.


Source: KCRW

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