Dean Ween Talks Guitars On Noisey's Guitar Moves

Jimmy Haas

by Jimmy Haas

Published July 3, 2013

Dean Ween was the latest guest on Noisey's YouTube series, "Guitar Moves." In the series, host Matt Sweeney interviews guitarists about their particular style, influences, and about their experiences in general. Michael Melchiondo, Jr, better known as Dean Ween, started the experimental rock band Ween with his friend Gene Ween in 1984. Together, the two of them became a cult sensation that lasted over 25 years.

The conversation with Dean Ween covers some basic music theory, which neither man seems to know a huge amount of, which is interesting considering their decades playing music. Ween also mentions that he has been playing essentially the same two solos for the entirety of his career.


They speak about Ween-specific vocabulary, which are words that Ween uses to describe things that there are no real words for. Such as a "frap," which is the act of hitting all the other strings on the way to playing the intended note. Ween mentions his adoration for Jimmy Page, but points out that Page's live work is riddled with "frapping."

Also, Ween reveals the most important lesson he ever got about playing guitar, which is where to hold it when you're playing. You should watch the interview to find out, because it's definitely something you never would have thought of on your own.


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