Disclosure Defends Faking Set At Summertime Ball At Wembley

Jimmy Haas

by Jimmy Haas

Published June 10, 2013


Disclosure took to Facebook to defend themselves after they mimed their entire set at London's Wembly Stadium during Capital FM's Summertime Ball this weekend. The duo, English brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, insisted that Capital FM would not allow them to perform live as they always do. The singers they worked with were live, but Capital FM wanted to use backing tracks to synchronize the visuals during the set.

Guy explained in the post that they didn't even try to pretend that it was live. They did not plug in any of their equipment and did not put on their headphones. Whether these excuses make Disclosure's fans feel better is yet to be seen.

Here's the full Facebook post from Guy on the I Love Bass Music Facebook group's photo:

"Hello I Love Bass Music and everyone who is talking about this photo... so. here is how and why this happened. Capital FM made us do this show with a backing track playing but allowed the vocalists to sing. They said that they had to trigger the tracks themselves to sync visuals. We pleaded with them for weeks and weeks to let us play fully live or at least let us mix but they just weren't having it. You will also notice this was the same for a lot of the dance acts playing that day (i.e. the duke dumont pic you posted) It was incredibly frustrating and horrible for us to hear our music at Wembley and not actually be able to play it ourselves, as anyone with any knowledge about disclosure knows that we play fully live..."

"Notice also that we didnt try and make it look like we were mixing. We left the fucking plug on the floor on purpose, didnt even plug phono leads into the master out, turned all the EQs fully down and the master out AND DIDNT EVEN TAKE HEADPHONES for god sake!! LOL if at any point we touched the mixer it was...well, you try standing infront of 80,000 people and not touching the mixer... go on... its really hard hahaha! I would also like to point out that people like David Guetta ect who have also been accused of pretending to mix, actually try and cover it up and pretend to blend tracks into one another and hide it... but with us, we played three songs with vocalists b2b with gaps in between, so even if we had been mixing, there would have been no beat matching involved anyway + we didnt try and hide it at all!!"

"But yeah it was a very strange experience and one we will not be going through again. Capital have been amazing to us and they play our songs roughly 400 times a week across their various networks and we wanted to thank them for all the support. Guy x"

At least they were kind enough to explain, which in the current era of lip-syncing and "just pushing play" is much more than most people do.

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