"Every Mad Men Final Tracking Shot" - Rob Paravonian [YouTube Official Video + Lyrics]

Diana Chan

by Diana Chan

Published May 1, 2014

Do you love Mad Men, but hate the first 46 minutes? If you want to get straight to the good stuff, that juicy ending tracking shot, NYC based comedian Rob Paravonian has done that for you in the video above. Paravonian has compiled the closing shots of various episodes in the series, and accompanies the video with a hilarious original song that points out how often the AMC series uses the tracking shot technique. The song has some acoustic folk rock influences that actually sounds like a song showrunner Matthew Weiner would use to close an episode -- another technique the show often employs. In the lyrics, Paravonian pokes some fun at the series' inability to use "a shot that's static," because they "need a shot that's more dramatic," and labels their love of framing devices in the video. We also learn that Don Draper really loves to ponder life at the close of each episode. And how much fun is it to picture the Sterling Cooper & Partners team finding a way to use the phrase "dolly through the doorway" as an ad for their own show?

Mad Men is currently airing the first half of its 7th Season on Sundays at 10pm on AMC. Rob Paravonian performs his comedy all over the U.S. You can check out his other videos on his YouTube page, and find out more about the comedian on his official website.

Rob Paravonian "Every Mad Men Final Tracking Shot" Lyrics:

It's at the end of the hour
You need a visual with power
To show your character's desolation
But there's no crying and there's no screaming
When you're battling inner demons
So they just sit in isolation
That's why the camera can't be static
We need a shot that's more dramatic
We need to watch them as we walk away

So we dolly through the doorway, yeah yeah
We got to dolly through the doorway, yeah, yeah
Got to dolly through the doorway, yeah yeah
Got to dolly through the doorway, yeah yeah

There'll be no more lies and no more cheating
When the camera starts retreating
From the room with a door that frames them in
That's all we'll see tonight
We've lost our visitation rights
As the characters get another week to soak in sin
When you gotta show that they're confined
To a prison of their own mind
There's only one shot that will convey

You got to dolly through the doorway, yeah yeah
You got to dolly through the doorway, yeah, yeah
You got to dolly through the doorway, yeah yeah
We got to dolly through the doorway, yeah yeah

Dolly, dolly, dolly, dolly
Dolly, dolly, dolly, dolly, dolly
Dolly, dolly
Dolly, dolly, dolly
Dolly, dolly


Source: RobPRocks YouTube Channel

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