"Everything Is Easy" - Third Eye Blind [YouTube Official Audio Stream]

Noah Zipper

by Noah Zipper

Published May 8, 2015

Today, Third Eye Blind released "Everything Is Easy", the first single off their upcoming album, Dopamine, and their first release of new music in six years. While it's been awhile since the heyday of 3EB's late-90s success, "Everything Is Easy" seems like a fluid transition between their existing catalogue and today's pop rock hits.

The changes made to their new sound were, for the most part, subtle and intelligent. Swapping their basic garage rock orchestrations for a wider and denser production, incorporating electronic instrumentation, as well as heavier effects on nearly all the guitar tracks. The band has seen the changing landscape of popular rock music, shifting more and more towards electronic genres, and decided to change with the times rather than fight against them, while not sacrificing much of their unique sound.

Some elements of 3EB were lost in translation. "Everything Is Easy" sounds more manicured and less edgy than previous releases, and the playful lyrical flow of Frontman Stephan Jenkins is almost entirely absent. But despite small detractors, this single marks a new era for the band, who are still undeniably the same Third Eye Blind.

Dopamine will be out June 16, but you can pre-order it on Amazon.


Source: Megaforce Records Official YouTube Channel

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