Q: What does “Zumic” mean?

A: Zumic relates to some type of fermentation process also known as Zymic.  We came up with the name “Zumic” because it sounds like music.  We’re working on improving our service so it is truly music that revolves around “u”!


Q: What is your logo?

A: The logo was inspired by the Yin and Yang of the Tao.  The top of the circle resembles digital VU Meters, familiar sights on recording consoles and stereo equipment. If you turn it on its side, you could also say that it looks like a fireball… or at least a ball with some force behind it.  If you turn it upside down, it looks like a ghost from Pac Man.

Q: Is this legal?

A: Yes! Any content you find on Zumic is considered to be “Fair Use” under the United States Millennium Copyright Act.  If you are a content owner who wishes to remove your content from Zumic because it is a violation of your legal copyright, please contact us here.


Q: Why isn’t my favorite band on Zumic yet?

A: We’re still developing our artist database.  Please contact us here if you’d like us to add your favorite band.


Q: I’m a musician.  Can you add a page for my band?

A: Please contact us here, and we will review your application to be included in the Zumic database.


Q: Can I pay Zumic for premium benefits?

A: Right now, Zumic is a free service for our users.  Enjoy!

  • Keith Birchall

    Who is the Actor playing “Chupa Libra” ?