"Fart Metal" - 66Samus [YouTube Official Video]

Joe Hoffman

by Joe Hoffman

Published September 22, 2014

Metal is a genre that has a lot of different styles and sounds that go along with it. Some sub-genres of metal are heavier than others while some are more doomy and dark. Then you got those that just sound like absolute shit. But have you ever stopped and wondered what shit-metal may actually sound like? For those who actually put in the effort to think about that question, there is one man brave enough to answer it. Metal artist 66Samus aka Samus Paulicelli, drummer of metal bands Decrepit Birth and Eliminator, composed a metal song with a video comprising of his own flatulence and shit-sounds, and posted it on his YouTube channel....yes I am dead serious. Watch it above...

To get the gas rolling, Samus starts off the video eating a bowl of beans. This helps fuel his stomach with thunderous gas to grace the ever-so dark, heavy metal riffs that proceed afterwards. Over the course of the video Samus is playing electric guitar and drums in various different positions with his behind in front of the microphone. This is so he can get different unique "sounds" from his buttocks. Towards the end of the video he treats himself to a carton of milk, only to tell us afterwards that he is lactose intolerant. The next clip jumps to the bathroom where he's found shitting his brains out on the toilet, fighting his way to complete the song and video.

As disgusting and overwhelming as this may come across, it's hilarious. The metal music is actually well composed, and has a lot of progressive and death metal elements. Maybe this was Samus' business model of breaking into the music industry, or perhaps a new style of metal that he is promoting. Regardless, watch the video and have a laugh, but keep a bucket next to you if it becomes too much.

For more videos of 66Samus, check out his YouTube page here.


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