“Fix Me” - Beck [YouTube Music Video]

Ridiculously Cute
Barrett Rouen

by Barrett Rouen

Published January 17, 2018

Beck recently released an adorable music video for his latest single "Fix Me" off his 2017's album Colors.

The video, which was shot in partnership with the ASPCA, stars Instagram sensation Mame and her three poodles Riku, Gaku, and Qoo.  Their account currently has over 255k thousand followers on the social media app.  The video itself was shot in Yamagata, Japan and is an ode to the unconditional love that comes with true friendship.  The heartstring-pulling video is one that works perfectly in balance with Beck's music. 

Beck's lyrics in the song lean towards the romantic and reminiscent, with words such as, "Nothing's going to do you harm" and "I don't mind if the sea washes over the city tonight".  During the opening of the song, Beck sings over the melodic track, "You might fix me, you might crush me, take a little piece of me, start a new history," which is exactly the sort of emotionally touching and understanding lyrics that audiences have come to expect from the Los Angeles-based musician.

Beck shared a message on his Facebook page, "There’s a poetry to Mame and her gentle, loving poodle guardians in their serene world. It speaks to the sentiment of ‘Fix Me.’ Glad they were willing to be a part of the video. Follow @tamanegi.qoo.riku on Instagram for more and consider donating to ASPCA to help make a difference."

The album Colors is available on Amazon and most streaming services.

For more visit Beck's artist page on Zumic.


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