"Genius" - LSD (Labrinth, Sia, Diplo) [YouTube Music Video]

New electro-pop collaboration teases forthcoming record with trippy video
Jackson Bedbury

by Jackson Bedbury

Published May 3, 2018

Pop's newest supergroup, LSD — comprised of Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo — has released a video to accompany the artists' first collaborative single, "Genius." Watch and listen above.

The string-heavy track, produced by Diplo, Labrinth, Jr. Blender, combines layers of synths and samples with hip-hop sensibilities. Sia’s bouncy vocal lines and soaring harmonies ride above the mix, and English artist Labrinth provides a counterbalancing warmth and soul. This track never planned to take itself overly seriously, though. Sia repeats, "Only a genius could love a woman like me," and dreams of her Einstein, Newton, Galileo, or Hawking, while Labrinth takes the role of her suiter in lines like, "My algebra gon' equal you every time."

Featuring art by Miami-based illustrator Gabriel Alcala and direction from Ben Jones, the video's bright colors and cheeky, otherworldly imagery provide a perfect visual pairing for both the track and the group's psychedelic moniker. The cartoon portrayals of the artists, notably Labrinth as the array of geniuses and Diplo as a giant floating head, are simultaneously absurd and captivating, reinforcing the lyrics' self-aware humor.

This project was highly anticipated in many music circles after Diplo teased fans with an Instagram post that tagged his two collaborators back in early March. LSD plans to release another single, "Audio," next week, with a full-length record in the works but a release date yet to be shared. Diplo released his California EP earlier this year, while Sia's most recent record was her 2017 Christmas album, and Labrinth's last full-length work was 2012's Electronic Earth


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