"Hayloft" - Nickel Creek (Mother Mother Cover) [YouTube Official Music Video]

Alex Ash

by Alex Ash

Published June 27, 2014

California based bluegrass band Nickel Creek are back with a new album, entitled The Dotted Line, after a seven year hiatus. Above you can watch the music video for the first single off the album, "Hayloft", a song originally by Canadian indie-rockers Mother Mother.

The video is creative and colorful, animated in a paper cut out style. The story follows a young couple trying to sneak a private moment in the barn while the protagonist's overprotective father sleeps. However, as the chorus states, dad has a gun. Naturally, the lovers make a bit too much noise, wake the father up, and a chase ensues. Musically, Nickel Creek add a bit of bluegrass flair to the original song and the chorus has a strong pop hook.

You can listen to A Dotted Line in its entirety right here on Zumic. You can pick it up on iTunes and Amazon. For the latest on Nickel Creek, including news, music and tour dates check out their website.


Source: Nickel Creek YouTube Channel

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