"Headband" - B.o.B ft 2 Chainz [Official Music Video]

Arielle Cruz

by Arielle Cruz

Published July 1, 2013

Yesterday B.o.B. officially released the video for his new single "Headband" after debuting the song in late May. The song sounds remarkably like "Rack City," but we forgive him. I guess?

B.o.B looks like hes having a great time in the video, but why shouldn't he? The entire time he is surrounded by a circle of beautiful women who doing a synchronized "dance" lying on their backs on a lawn. The routine has the women moving their legs backward, forward and apart in unison, sometimes creating circles, other shapes and flower-like patterns with B.o.B. right in the center. Visually it's pretty cool watch, though it probably would've looked a little less strange in a pool.

If you have ever wondered what B.o.B. finds most attractive on a woman, I'd say now its pretty clear. Legs are the main visual in this video. They are always fanning back and forth, and a swinging leg is even used to separate clips of the video like the page of a flip-book. At one point a little toy car carrying champagne even drives through a tunnel of spread women's legs. We get it, Bob.

Regardless, B.o.B's swag and charm make the video worth watching. It's hard not to like the guy, even if he is rapping about weed and women. "Headband" is far from deep, but it's relatively tame (no bedrooms or strip clubs explored here) and catchy to listen to. Listen if you liked "Rack City." If you didn't, maybe sit this one out.

2 Chainz
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