"Honey Pot" - Thom Yorke Debuts New Song During KCRW DJ Set [Audio Stream]

Published June 11, 2013

While DJ-ing on the KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic show, Thom Yorke and fellow Radiohead/Atoms for Peace affiliate, Nigel Godrich, closed the show with a new song titled "Honey Pot." According to Yorke during the song, it's a "remix of 'All I Need,' that turned into a new song no one's ever heard, and didn't know what to do with."

This song already sounds like an instant classic. Take a smooth, bass-heavy beat reminiscent of J-Dilla; mix it with a ghostly In Rainbows hum and Yorke's cheerful yet haunting vocal melody, and you get "Honey Pot."

Enjoy the full one-hour KCRW DJ set below:

Full track list of the KCRW DJ set:

Charles Mingus – "Mood Indigo"
James Holden — "Gone Feral"
Ultraista — "Party Line"
Mursi Tribe/Olivia Wilde — "Mursi Song"
Hubba Hubba Group — "Sumatra RNB"
Quasimoto/Mad Villain — "Shadows Of Tomorrow"
Joe Jackson — "Different For Girls"
Hello Skinny — "Aquarius"
Beastie Boys — "Root Down"
Thom Yorke — "Untitled Piano Sketch"
Fracture & Neptune — "Clissold Machine Drum Vip"
Owiny Sigoma Band — "Doyol Nyako Nam"
Falty DL — "Finally Some Shit/The Rain"
Philip Jeck — "Wipe"
Thom Yorke – "Honey Pot"

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