"Hunnid Stax" - Ab-Soul ft Schoolboy Q [SoundCloud Audio Stream + Lyrics]

Todd Levy

by Todd Levy

Published June 10, 2014

Ab-Soul Featuring Schoolboy Q - "Hunnid Stax" Lyrics:

[Intro: Ab-Soul]
People treat you real nice when you got fifty dollar drawers on
(Get money, fuck bitches)
I'm tryin' man
(Get money, fuck bitches)

Who gettin' that dough? Who gettin' that cake?
Who gettin' that bread? Put a ticket on your head if you can't relate
Who gettin' that fetti? Who gettin' that chesse?
You know I gotta eat, you know I gotta eat!
Who gettin' that paper? Who gettin' that guap?
Who smokin' that top shelf? Who gettin' topped off top?
Ain't nothing more important than the mula
Who gettin' them commas, makin' mamas do kama sutra
Best act like you know, I'm gettin' them checks, I'm spendin' them checks
THC through TSA on my back, hope I don't get checked
Who gettin' them Benjamins? Spendin' them with executives
Business man, understand, I'm on fuckin' tour, you on the 10-6,
I'm reelin' in
Currency, won't pass the weed but I'll pass the bitch
My stock risin', you cock ridin', I'm splittin' clips with a money clip
Who gettin' that money (money)? Real mothafuckin' money (money)
Saw it through dog, got cashed out
Got fucked up, then I passed out

Woke up early, kissed a bad bitch
Rolled me up a blunt, and I took a piss
Can't remember what I did last night
I'm just tryin' to spend a hunnid stax everyday of my life

Money is the anthem
Black girls in the bedroom, white girls in the bathroom
Fuck what I did last night
I'm just tryin' to spend a hunnid stax everyday of my life

Who gettin' that dough? Who gettin' that bread?
Get money I pledge, what you mean you broke? Bitch, open them legs
Now let a nigga be, I think I'm gonna ski
You know I love cheese, you know I love cheese!
I'm high as a scraper, I'm smokin' that guap
Who leave guns on the top shelf? Who keep Glocks on Glocks?
Ain't nothing more important than the Hoover
Who hoppin' out cars, unloadin' that pop, pop, yak yak, move ya'
Figaro gotta, got .45 right her in my coat
You can have my ho but don't hit my dope
I'm burnin' up like a parliament
I'm 216, I'm suspendin' rent
You a bad bitch, come fuck me
Yeah you heard it right, I said fuck me
Keepin' no grip, even ignorance is bliss
I love foreign tents in her clitoris
Beat the pussy down like my nemesis
Make the pussy drip like a slitted wrist, but
Who gettin' that money, money? Real mothafuckin' money, money
Saw it through dog, got cashed out
Bought a new bitch and a new house like


Ab-Soul has just released "Hunnid Stax," featuring his label-mate Schoolboy Q. It is a different type of song than we're used to hearing from the intellectual artist. Ab-Soul covers mainly materialistic things and uses very little wordplay, which he is usually tremendous at. Nonetheless, the self-proclaimed "Kendrick Lamar on an acid tablet" impresses with his creative rhythms, even while talking about generic topics.

The song features a sample of Lana Del Ray's "National Anthem," with deep-voice effects. The chorus sounds like it be the voice of may be Soulo's frequent collaborator Mac Miller, but he is not credited. This song is the second single off of Ab-Soul's upcoming These Days..., which is scheduled for a June 24th release.

For Ab-Soul music, news, and videos check out his Zumic artist page.

Source: Top Dawg Entertainment Official SoundCloud

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