"I Wish" - Hayley Kiyoko [YouTube Music Video]

Surreal, cinematic video shared with new break-up song
Jordan Good

by Jordan Good

Published July 25, 2019

Hayley Kiyoko gets spellbound in the new self-directed video for her song, "I Wish." Watch and listen above. (Editor's note: The song starts at the 1:35 mark of the video.)

"I Wish" is a synth-pop tune about trying to get over a broken heart. This story is told through the dialogue at the beginning of the video, as well as the lyrics, "We butt heads cause you don't pay me no attention, and you're selfish with your affection... I Wish I Found Love." The emotion really comes pouring out midway through the song, as she sings, "You don’t mind that it’s raining oceans from my eyes," and "Your black heart, you ain’t even budge when you tore mine apart."

The video begins with a group of schoolgirls sitting in a circle about to perform a ritual. Some notable actresses appear in the circle of friends, including former Disney Channel stars Madison Pettis and Maia Mitchell, the latter of whom worked with Kiyoko on the TV show The Fosters. The girls hold hands as they recite a chant, and then Hayley drinks a mystery potion. After she drops to the ground unconscious, we see Kiyoko and other girls doing a Hip-Hop style dance routine as a vision of the love interest "Raquel" appears in the doorway. The video ends with Hayley waking up, and Raquel fading away.

Kiyoko has been very open about her sexuality and often discusses LGBT topics in her music and videos. She appeared in Taylor Swift's viral "You Need To Calm Down" video during Pride Month, and has depicted lesbian relationships in many of her other videos including "What I Need" featuring Kehlani and "Girls Like Girls."

Hayley Kiyoko's music is available on Amazon and other major streaming services.

For more music, news, and tour dates, check out Hayley Kiyoko's Zumic artist page.

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