"I'm Staying Home" - Superchunk [YouTube Official Video]

Zumic Staff

by Zumic Staff

Published September 16, 2013

Superchunk has released their video for "I'm Staying Home," and it's a raging good time. If you have to brush your teeth every morning and night, you might as well make it fun: blow up an image of yourself on cardboard, punch out a hole in your cardboard version's forehead, and standing behind the image, brush your teeth through that damn empty space. Ragin'. The pile of laundry, at once settled in a Zabar's plastic bag on the floor, jumps up and starts dancing. Eating some kind of rice bowl gets crazy in this video, so watch it. It's a minute and a half of pure punk awesomeness. Massive eye balloon included.

"I'm Staying Home" is a single off of I Hate Music, Superchunk's latest album released via Merge on August 20th, 2013. Superchunk is on their US/UK tour now through December 3rd. Unfortunately, Laura will not be touring with the rest of the band. As she discloses on the Superchunk website:

I have been having some problems with my ears, the sort of problems commonly known as "hearing loss," "ringing," and less commonly as "hyperacusis." I have found that playing rock shows for the last couple of years has worsened my condition and I have made the difficult decision not to go out on the road with Superchunk for the upcoming campaign for I Hate Music. And it's not because I hate music...

You can buy I Hate Music from Merge Records. Music video direction for "I'm Staying Home" by Taiyo Kimura




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