"Ima Dog" - 2 Chainz ft Skooly [YouTube Audio & Lyrics]

Patrick Lyons

by Patrick Lyons

Published February 5, 2014

A few hours after tweeting, "Workin on B.O.A.T.S III" yesterday, 2 Chainz shared a new track: the short, sweet "Ima Dog." Featuring Skooly and a beat by DJ Spinz, the canine-centric banger is available to stream above.

2 Chainz spends most of the song re-emphasizing his wealth, street cred and ability to pull attractive women. We already heard about a lot of that on his last album, B.O.A.T.S II, but the MC's strength is his tendency towards unique phrasing, such as, "Got her on the D and I ain't talkin' 'bout Decatur," referencing a section of Northeast Atlanta. At this rate, 2 Chainz could talk about the same stuff 20 years down the road and still have a decent following.

Head over to 2 Chainz' Zumic artist page for more of his music and videos, and check out another song with a similar title, Jay Pharoah's "I am a Dog," right here on Zumic. The lyrics to "Ima Dog" are below.

2 Chainz ft Skooly "Ima Dog" lyrics

Okay you know that I'm illy, my home is worth a milli'
My flow is 'bout money, and I still ain't got no ceiling
If I get a deally, it's no big deally
Cause I'ma ride your bitch and I'ma pop a fuckin' wheelie
Yeah I got flavor, I'm about paper
Doin' me daily, that's a mothafuckin' favor
And I got acres, I never met my neighbors
Got her on the D and I ain't talkin' 'bout Decatur
This that yellow paper, yeah I'm talkin' murder
From the South side, where all my niggas server
All my niggas workers, they know how to get it
See I'ma dog, come in your yard and take a shit

[Pre-Hook: Skooly]
First I fuck her, then I feed her
I'ma dog her, then I leave her
Off the chain, I'm off the leash
I do my thang, it ain't no secret
I'm the man
Would you believe it?
I do my thang
It ain't no secret

[Hook: 2 Chainz]
I'ma dog, I'ma dog, I'ma, I'ma dog
I'ma dog, I'ma dog, I'ma, I'ma ball
I'ma dog, I'ma dog, I'ma, I'ma dog
I'ma dog, I'ma ball, I'ma, I'ma ball

Dreads underneath my skully, name brand on my skully
Two bad bitches ridin' with me, still tryna fight, they buddies
Still sippin' on that muddy, still tryna get this money
Niggas start tryna fuck with me, niggas gon' leave here dirty
Niggas gon' leave here buried, niggas gon' leave in a hurry
A nigga start tryna fuck with me, a nigga gon' leave here early
I put the work out like recess, big feet on my car, T-Rex
I pull a titty out like eject, my shirt, nigga right in a v-neck
You know that I rock with the DJ's and me and your ho and my ho is on 3-way
I'm killin' these niggas like over and over and over, instant replay
My dog just caught a 30, I dug a hole out in public
Got 30 rounds in my 223, when I ride with my dog, we thuggin'

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]


Source: Rap Sauce HD YouTube Channel

2 Chainz
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