"In Da Kar" - Funkadelic & Soul Clap ft Sly Stone [YouTube Official Music Video]

Zac Lavender

by Zac Lavender

Published September 15, 2015



Directed by Gabe Munitz-Alessio
Animation by Hillary Barton
Produced by Evelyn Elias

George Clinton's Funkadelic and Boston-based duo Soul Clap have recently collaborated on a new tune filled with social commentary and funk. You can check out their new tune in the music video above.

The video for "In Da Kar" features mixed media, alternating between live-action and claymation. This effect, according to the YouTube description, "points to how we, the joyriders, perceive (or fail to perceive) those living in and around the production end of the supply chain." Funkadelic & Soul Clap tackle police brutality and oil profiteering while also questioning the trope of "da kar" as a symbol of luxury. They flip the trope on it's head. Instead of glorifying "da kar," they insinuate that it is a method of escapism from reality; having witnessed by a group violently arrested by the police while driving.

"Should have stayed in da car."

Towards the end of the video, we see Soul Clap pull over on a dusty road. "Hey man, know where we can get some gas?" A bobble-head George Clinton responds, "Yeah, over there." He then proceeds to point out towards a suburban valley overtaken by an apocalyptic army of exploding oil drills. After this, the duo agree: it's better to ditch "da kar."

Musically, "In Da Kar" is a unique fusion of chill-wave and funk elements. This song is a fresh cut, with soul veteran Sly Stone on keys. The multi-generation collaboration really worked in the favor of the song; adding a cynical profundity to their lyrics, and a breadth to their production. Despite the raspy vocals, this tune is as socially and environmentally conscious as it is groovy.

"In Da Car" is available on Amazon (MP3) and BandCamp (Vinyl). Their album releases on November 4th, 2015

Source: Pitchfork YouTube

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