"Incandescent" - The Underachievers (Prod. by Ryan Hemsworth) [SoundCloud Audio Stream + Lyrics]

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by Zumic Staff

Published March 17, 2014

After releasing two solid mixtapes, Indigoism and The Lords of Flatbush, in 2013, The Underachievers will be back later this year with The Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium, their debut album. Hear "Incandescent," the Ryan Hemsworth-produced lead single, above.

Here, AK and Issa Dash continue down the trap route they first embarked upon with Lex Luger on The Lords of Flatbush, standing out in contrast with their Brainfeeder-approved earlier sound. At this point, hearing them spit over a beat as hard as "Incandescent" isn't out of the ordinary, but for Hemsworth, it's another story. Usually knocking around cloudier, chiller territory, Hemsworth turns out an sinister trap instrumental here, with his go-to synth bloops still turning up faintly in the background. "Incandescent" is the sound of blunted dudes sobering up and getting angry, and it's a thing to behold.

Hear more of The Underachievers' tunes right here on Zumic, and head over to Ryan Hemsworth's Zumic artist page to stay updated on his latest activity. The lyrics to "Incandescent" are below.

The Underachievers "Incandescent" (Prod. by Ryan Hemsworth) lyrics:

[Intro: Issa Dash] x2
Cellar door head gon' bang 'em, bang 'em
Gon' bang 'em, bang 'em

UA bringin' hype shit with the bangers
Drop it for my fans, motherfuck goin' platinum
Elevatin' brains, leavin' niggas up on set
And I ain't worried 'bout them niggas in the way, you can have 'em
Stuck up in the game, better change that attraction
Run up on his face, say my name, it's like magic
Save a local lame that's in pain, give him taxes
But if the brick go down the drain, leave him layin' out in traffic
Speak in prophecy, laced with proper leaf
Tell 'em drop to these, fuck the majesty
Lest you came with peace, raise up properly
Come and walk with me, join the infantry
But keep it funky if you rollin' with a G
I could fuck a motherfucker that be lyin' through their teeth
Keep up with the lord, look they higher than me
When I come, it smell like butter leaf and fire in the streets

[Hook: Issa Dash] x2
UA winnin', we blowin' up
Beast Coast bangin' no foldin' up
Say they want war, gon' load 'em up
Take it to the front yard, they ain't showin' up
This my team, I throw it up
Always blowin' potent, gon' roll it up
Rep my city every time that you see me
Blow a pound, you ain't wit me
When my crown hits the kidney

Pull up, the guys on the scene watch the mosh pit
Potheads, gettin' higher then never moppin' that house shit
I'm just gettin' contracts from concerts, rap better that's nonsense
Our flows atomic, Top Ramen
Cop an ocho of the finest, get demolished
Kill a couple shows then blow the dro rocket
Young Pharaoh travel the globe, just spreadin' knowledge
Corporate tryin' to catch on my soul, they see the profit
Ain't another rap nigga, spit straight facts to ya
Stayin' humble on the Ave, givin' love back to ya
Hit the pack, relax and let you spirit react
We built the pyramids, nigga, where your memory at?
Oh lord, I just took a fall
Now we on the floorboards, guard the doors, we want war
Livin' the heart, clamp the evil, light up the diesel
Never thought I'd take it this far

[Hook: Issa Dash] x2


Source: The Underachievers Official SoundCloud Page

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