Janet Jackson's 10 Best Music Videos of All Time [Zumic Staff Picks]

Crystal Grant

by Crystal Grant

Published June 23, 2015


Last week, Janet Jackson announced the first leg of her upcoming Unbreakable World Tour. This got us thinking about all the great music videos she's made over the years.

Janet has made over 40 music videos since her debut in 1984. Here are our top 10:

“That’s The Way Love Goes” (1993)

I adore this video! The vibe is so realistic and chill. Who can’t relate to sitting around with a bunch of friends shooting the breeze? This song is smooth like silk. A wonderful part about this video is how many different races and cultures are in it. We also get to see a young Jennifer Lopez, which is cool. I love how one of her friends looks into the camera at the end, and Janet calls her out on it. Scenes like that bring to the reality that artists are people, too.

"Rhythm Nation" (1989)

This is a black-and-white video with positive, colorful lyrics. The militant choreography can invoke chills through your body because of how on point they are. This is one of the best unity anthems of all time.

"What Have You Done For Me Lately?" (1986)

Before Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” the world had Janet Jackson’s “What Have You Done For Me Lately?” This tune was the go-to song for women whose men were getting a little too comfortable and not catering to their needs. I’m sure when this song came out there were a lot of huffs and puffs coming from guys.

"Nasty" (1986)

“No my first name ain’t baby / It’s Janet, Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty.” Don’t mess with her in this video as she dances with an intimidating scowl across her face, while landing each fierce move to a T. There aren’t many people in this world who can match how she cavorts to a beat.

"The Pleasure Principle" (1987)

Janet usually has a whole dance crew with her in videos, but this one is slightly different. By her lonesome, she slides around this huge warehouse-like building, and executes dances that many girls definitely practiced in their bedroom mirrors.

"Escapade" (1990)

This is a very fun video that’s taking place in the midst of a Mardi Gras-like party. The best part about this one is that Ms. Jackson is all smiles the whole time. The choreography in this video is nothing short of playful and perfect.

"When I Think Of You" (1986)

The setting of the video is probably the most jubilant town I’ve ever seen, minus the old man who kept complaining. This city is so unified that the cops arrested the old man for complaining about their huge party. By the way, doesn’t Janet’s love interest in the video sort of resemble President Barrack Obama? Yes I know, it is a bit weird.

“If” (1993)

Let’s talk about lust, shall we? No one’s perfect, we’ve all lusted and possibly for someone who’s not ours. This is the song for that. If Janet can’t get you that prospective lover with this one then I don’t know who can. The beat is very sexy and this topic is one everyone can relate to.

“Control” (1986)

One thing Janet did was make a lot of singles that became theme songs for people. Every teen or young adult who wanted freedom around this time probably blasted this track when it came out. What’s awesome about this song is how humorous the intro skit is with her band members. The setting being on stage at her performance is cool and shows her in an interactive light.

“Scream” with Micheal Jackson (1995)

Michael and Janet Jackson in one video? Epic. The world was waiting for this collaboration and it was as unreal as we expected. Since both of these artists are out of this world, it’s awesome that the setting is in space. The spaceship almost resembles a psychiatric ward, which goes well with the title. “Scream” touches on relevant topics, such as social injustice and unhealthy pressure that people face in the world. RIP Michael.
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