"Lava Glaciers" - RiFF RAFF ft Childish Gambino [SoundCloud Audio Stream]

Josh Cohen

by Josh Cohen

Published June 19, 2014

With less than a week until RiFF RAFF's debut studio album, Neon Icon, drops, the Houston-based rapper and all-around eccentric character, has just released the LP's fourth track, "Lava Glaciers".

Coming in only a few weeks after previous single "Kokayne" was released, RAFF teams up with ex-Community actor / rapper Childish Gambino to deliver on a downtempo, Harry Fraud-produced track.

RAFF's raps contain his characteristic high energy vocalization of wildly imaginative characters and scenarios. Subjects included on his verse are bi-curious mermaids, David Hasselhoff's hair, and purple Prada pocket protectors. These ludicrously unrelated topics form the core of his verse and the scope of topics he tackles is limitless. While RAFF delivers the style of the track, it's Childish Gambino who ultimately steps in with the substance.

With a melancholy approach to metaphors that blend romantic notions with contemporary realities, Gambino reels you into his downtrodden world that bares little to no resemblance to the absurdities occupying RAFF's verse. Stanzas like "Hearing screams in my dreams, like at a One Direction concert" and "Understand who you are, they told us to be patient, but it's useless like the use of emojis in conversation," display a sense of pessimism that feeds of off Harry Fraud's selected samples.

The last third of the track is left to Fraud's instrumental which utilizes a sample of Nektar's "It's All In The Mind". The lyrics "Darker than darkest night, sweeter than spring" serving as the penultimate moment of the track. These lyrics segue into a harmonic shift that ultimately fades out in the track's final seconds.

Neon Icon will be out June 24th. You can preorder it on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

Source: RiFF RAFF's stream on SoundCloud

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