"Lose Yourself" (Demo Version) - Eminem [Audio Stream, Alternate Lyrics + YouTube Interview]

Brad Bershad

by Brad Bershad

Published November 20, 2014

Eminem is celebrating 15 years of his own record label, Shady Records, with a compilation album called Shady XV. Earlier this week, Eminem released a video of himself talking about a long lost demo of 2002's "Lose Yourself" and today that audio has leaked online. Stream both below.

Eminem "Lose Yourself" (Demo Version) Audio Stream



<h5>Eminem "Lose Yourself" (Demo Version) Lyrics:</h5>

Yo, if you could just, for one minute
Or one split second in time, forget everything
Everything that bothers you, all your problems
Everything, follow me

If I was frozen inside of a moment
If I could capture time inside a capsule
An hourglass full of sand in the palm of my hand, it passes through it
If I can grasp it, just control what happens to it
Then I can trap it, so no more time elapses through it
If raps could do it, maybe I could tap into it
Then I could try to channel it through Cadillacs and Buicks
To transmit through 'em, to make you put your ass into it
And that's when you hit the roof because you can't sit through it
Your passion's too much for you to not to be dancing to it
And as you do it, your movements become fast and fluent
You're mashin' to it, moshing until you're black and blueish
And shit you're acting foolish
This music it has influenced you to be rowdy but in an orderly fashion
True it's chaotic, but it's got your body moving as a unit
Uniting together tonight, so make it last and you better just

Lose yourself in this music, this moment we own it
We won't never let it go (go), you better move yourself
Because tomorrow's ass can wait
There is no time, to sit there and procrastinate
Lose yourself in this music, this moment we own it
We won't never let it go (go), you better move yourself
Because tomorrow's ass can wait
There is no time, to sit there and procrastinate

Cause when we descend together, we begin to move as one
In perfect unison just like the moon and sun
Illuminate the room and humans soon become aluminum
Rhythmically in sync, if you'll excuse the pun
But if you close loose it once, I mean if you could let shit go
Relax, take a breath, and just let it exit slow
To rest your soul
You could leave the rest to me, if I could give the world a hit of ecstasy,
to make em feel the feeling I'm feeling right this minute
Cause I feel like the night won't end 'til I get finished
So close the shades, makin' sure no light gets in it
The skies the limit tonight because the night's infinite
A high percentage, of black people and white mixed in it
But no one really gives a fuck because they just like what's spinnin'
His life was spinnin', the whole entire night just spinnin'
Like life's beginning so come out from inside your skin and quit hidin' in it


Eminem Talks "Lose Yourself" Scratch Demo Version

There's something special about hearing working versions of songs that became big hits. In this case, that simple beat built around electric guitar is virtually identical to the originally released version of the song, with the big difference being the piano part.

There are a lot of differences between the two versions, from the intro and the verses (which helped tell the story of his movie, 8 Mile) to the choruses, which sound much more polished and powerful on the finished version of the song. Most notably, he changes the perspective from the audience member to himself. He owned the moment and

The song will appear on SHADY XV, due out on Shady / Aftermath Records this November 24th. Pick it up on Amazon (CD, MP3) and iTunes.


Hip Hop Mid-West Rap
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