“I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)” – Jamie xx ft Young Thug & Popcaan [YouTube Official Music Video]


Jamie xx’s debut solo album, In Colour, came out on June 2nd. Now he’s released the official music video of “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)” featuring Young Thug and Popcaan. Watch above, via Jamie xx’s YouTube.

The song begins with a sample of The Persuasions’ “Good Times” before going into the electronic / dancehall reggae / hip hop anthem produced by Jamie xx. Popcaan lays down smooth hooks and Young Thug puts his signature whining baby sound in the verses. The track is a dance-friendly good listen, in spite of Young Thug’s abrasiveness.

Billboard incorrectly reported that The Persuasions sample wasn’t cleared for the record, which has been copied by various other music news outlets. The sample was in fact cleared by the label, and Billboard published a correction with a statement from the group’s Jimmy Hayes, who explained, “I was told about it but forgot.” Hayes also shared the story of listening to the song and getting his friends’ reactions:

“I had some people here, at my house. When I played it, they were listening to it, like ‘Wow, that’s cool — I like it!’ And then one brother said ‘Whoa!’ I said, ‘What did he just say then?’ He said, ‘He said what you thought he said.’ I said, ‘Wow…times have changed, man!'”

The video was filmed in New York and Jamaica by Rollo Jackson. Young Thug and Popcaan are featured predominately, while Jamie xx performs at a light-filled club. The musicians are intermixed with scenes of women lounging by a pool, marijuana plants, and an airplane with a “I Know There’s Gonna Be Good Times” banner, flying around Manhattan.

Pick up In Colour on Amazon (Vinyl, CD, MP3). You can also stream it and read our short review here on Zumic.

Source: Jamie xx Vevo on YouTube

  • Julie Hurwitz

    I am
    Julie Hurwitz of Lawson Productions, which represents Jerry Lawson, the lead
    singer, arranger and producer of The Persuasions for 40 years and approximately
    25 albums.

    Jimmy Hayes is the original bass singer of the Persuasions.The group he sings with now, which uses the name, “The Persuasions,” consists of newcomers, except for another original, Jayotis
    Washington.This is not, repeat not, the same group that cut approximately 25 albums over a 40-year period with lead singer Jerry Lawson, Joseph Russell, Toubo Rhoad (and Hayes and Washington.) While Hayes’ current group sings songs from those albums, without the original members these performances are more in the nature of a “tribute band.” This recent
    configuration is trading on the legacy created by Jerry Lawson and the other four original group members.

    Regarding the issue of sampling “Good Times,” which features Lawson’s signature voice as lead vocal, Jamie is under no legal obligation to give the group using The Persuasions’ name any notification before sampling a song that the real Persuasions recorded. What’s more, Jamie does not owe that group a cent without contracts that say so. The only obligation, as anyone with
    passing knowledge of the music business knows, is to clear use of the song with the publisher and owner of the masters. In this case that would be Capitol Records and Curtis Mayfield’s publishing. Of course it would be nice if artists who do sampling would reach out to the artists they are borrowing from, just to say they love their recording and it’s a great fit for a track they are releasing.

    Why Hayes is even concerned about this matter, let alone grousing about not
    having been contacted, is ridiculous. Does he not understand that to be sampled
    is a compliment?

    And if you like that soulful voice of Jerry Lawson on Good Times he’s got a new CD just out “Jerry
    Lawson Just A Mortal Man”