“Velvet Noose” – Thunderpussy [SoundCloud Audio Single]

Seattle rock band Thunderpussy have shared a song that will be included on their upcoming seven-inch. Listen to “Velvet Noose” above, which features a guest appearance from Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready.

The all-female outfit flex their rock n roll muscles with catchy guitar riffs, powerful drumming, and anthemic vocals. McCready lends roaring guitar leads that add an exciting element to the track. Thunderpussy may not be a household name yet, but that could change soon with songs this intense!

Guitarist Whitney Petty shared information about the track’s title with Rolling Stone, saying it “was gleaned from a Twisted Sister documentary, where one of the band members was talking about getting too content, too comfortable with material gain. The song is about when the things you own begin to own you.”

“Velvet Noose” will be accompanied with a song titled “No Heaven” on the B-side, and will be available May 12, 2017, which was produced by McCready himself.

For more, check out the Thunderpussy Zumic artist page.

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