“Everything” – Strand Of Oaks [YouTube Music Video]

Take a dive into another dimension with Strand of Oaks!

“Everything” was first released with the Hard Love album earlier this year, and today the band shared one of the craziest music videos you will ever see for it. The tune itself is great, with slow burning drums and bass holding down the foundation for shimmering electric guitar and a mesmerizing vocal performance.

Ryan Leas made note of the song “Everything” in his Stereogum feature with Oaks frontman Tim Showalter:

Tim and I walk through Mt. Airy, to a restaurant that feels like the kind of Pennsylvania and Jersey diners I remember from my youth. He takes me through the rest of the songs. “Everything” — which has grown from the more modest version I heard in Vegas into a squalling ’90s psych-rock track — is, hilariously and surprisingly, rooted in a homage to Underworld’s “Cowgirl” (in which Karl Hyde sing-speaks “Everything, everything, everything…”).

Hard Love is currently available on Amazon.

For more, check out the Strand of Oaks Zumic artist page.