“Just One Of The Guys” – Jenny Lewis ft Beck [Spotify Single Stream + Lyrics]

Jenny Lewis has officially released the first single from her upcoming album, The Voyager, due out July 29. Listen above to “Just One Of The Guys” via Spotify.

The song is completely in the character of Lewis, an ultracool rock star who’s fit in with the guys in bands The Postal Service and Rilo Kiley. She’s been performing the song for years, mainly as part of Jenny and Johnny, and here she’s joined by Beck, who is also given credit on twitter as the producer of the song.

If you’re wondering about the awesome Adam Siegel designed outfit Lewis is wearing in the graphics for the album and single, check out this article in the Boston Globe, where she explains:

In the past, like for the last Rilo Kiley record, “Under the Blacklight,” I wore exclusively hot pants because the themes in that record were the underbelly of Los Angeles. This record has a different tone and in some ways there is a femininity to it but there is also a masculine side.

Order the album at JennyLewis.com, Amazon, and iTunes.