"New Theory" - Washed Out Live at Coachella Festival 4.12.2014 [YouTube Video]

Patrick Lyons

by Patrick Lyons

Published April 14, 2014

When Ernest Greene began making music five years ago under the name Washed Out, he recorded by himself, on a laptop in a bedroom in his parents' house. Now, he's got a four-piece band behind him, and they played the third biggest stage at Coachella last weekend. Above, watch Greene and Co. tackle one of Washed Out's breakout tracks, 2009's "New Theory."

Muffling the bass-heavy textures of the original recorded version, this full band incarnation of Washed Out gave the track a more well-rounded sound, incorporating no less than four synths into the mix. Greene urged the crowd to get pumped towards the song's end, and with just a few dead-eyed exceptions, they obliged.

Head over to Washed Out's Zumic artist page for more of their music, videos and news.


Source: Coachella Official YouTube Channel

Washed Out
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