"Oyster Perpetual" - Rick Ross [SoundCloud Audio & Lyrics]

Patrick Lyons

by Patrick Lyons

Published February 4, 2014

Imagine the members of Maybach Music Group sitting down for a nice game of Mad-Libs. They're all trying to one-up each other with the most expensive-sounding word combos, until Rick Ross, the label boss, comes up with "Oyster Perpetual." Game over. At least, that's the only logical explanation for why this track, presumably from Rozay's upcoming album Mastermind, bears its nonsensical title. Listen in above.

"Oyster Perpetual" is short, with Ross only spitting one verse in addition to his luxurious ad-libs that form the track's intro and outro. The soul-sampling instrumental is relaxed enough for the titanic MC to sound extraordinarily comfortable, and when he happens to be name-dropping house shoes, yachts and air mattresses, his delivery seems fitting. Contrasting with his ferocious rapping on previous Mastermind cut "The Devil is a Lie," Ross shows what could be considered his "range."

Head over to Rozay's Zumic artist page for more of his music and videos, and stay tuned for Mastermind, due out on March 4th. The lyrics to "Oyster Perpetual" are below.

Rick Ross "Oyster Perpetual" lyrics

In this game it's all about timin'
It's all about your movement
Ours is oyster perpetual
Swiss, so accurate
The dirty niggas, right?

I'm smokin' to the face, I'm floatin' outer space
Hermès house shoes, gettin' straight to the cake
Hundred bottles, chicks stare, it's Aristotle
As I money launder, laundromats on every corner
Coin operated like them boys out in Vegas
Beatin' Fed cases like reprimandin' these fifth graders
Skip the Phys Ed, and yoga, bipolar
Get the big bread, so focused I'm bifocal
Two women, Twin Towers, I'm hittin' sour
Second innin', grape Swishas, they're Drake's bitches
But that's my nigga, share bitches, we big business
Real niggas, gettin' money, we splittin' millions
Condominiums, brick or ki, fickle V
Get the thickest bitch out of King of Diamonds to tickle me
I gotta lick her feet, 68, I'm diggin' deep
Pull the yachts out, Bel Air, Virginia Key
I'm on err' tackle, errwhere, Brian Urlacher
Err dollar, underneath my girl air mattress

I'm nice with it, nigga
MasterMind, March 4th
Streets are mine
Black bottle boys
Haha, Ciroq lifestyle
Double M
See you real soon, niggas


Source: Rick Ross Official SoundCloud Page

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