"Party At The NSA" - YACHT & Marc Maron [Soundcloud Audio]

Evan Petersen

by Evan Petersen

Published August 15, 2013

Outspoken comedian, WTF podcast host, and misanthrope Marc Maron has teamed up with electro-pop duo YACHT to create a protest/party song lampooning the National Security Agency's domestic spy programs. The song is available for streaming or download with a pay-what-you-want donation.

100% of the donations will go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization established to defend digital rights. The statement on the "Party at the NSA" website says: “We live much of our lives online; we should be outraged by the extent of the NSA’s domestic spying programs. Instead, we are sinking into a dangerous indifference. Insidious forces are at work. Help us reverse the entropy."

Check out the song above, be sure to find the hidden message on the website, and remember: The NSA already knows what you listen to, so why not let them know you're listening to this?


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