"Paula" - Robin Thicke [Official Full Album Stream]

Kara Bertoncini

by Kara Bertoncini

Published June 30, 2014

Robin Thicke and his wife Paula recently divorced and according to Thicke's latest album, Paula, it appears that he wants to win her back. You can stream the album above via Spotify.

Paula is a compilation of soulful tracks showcasing Thicke's signature musical style. "Get Her Back," Thicke's latest single, is a blatant love song for his ex-wife with borderline-desperate lyrics and a guitar accompaniment. "You're My Fantasy" is a latin-inspired song with a slow, jazzy feel. The upbeat "Living In New York City" is a fun dance number about, well, living in New York City. "Tippy Toes" is a rock & roll tune that mirrors early Elvis Presley hits.

The album is sure to please fans who can see past Thicke's transparent attempt to win back the affections of his ex-wife. However, there aren't any songs that are as catchy or controversial as last year's "Blurred Lines."

Paula will be released July 1st, but in the meantime you can preorder the album on iTunes. For the latest music, videos, and tour dates be sure to visit Robin Thicke's Zumic artist page.

Source: Robin Thicke Spotify

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