"Portions For Foxes" - Rilo Kiley [YouTube Video]

Diana Chan

by Diana Chan

Published August 17, 2004

This August will mark the 10 year anniversary of Rilo Kiley's critically acclaimed 2004 album, More Adventurous. The Los Angeles-based indie rock band released five studio albums in the span of their 13 year career, and released a collection of B-sides just last year. But of all their albums, More Adventurous definitely marked a significant change in the band's sound, coupled with a boost in their career. Though their previous two albums were both exceptional in their own rights, the mainstream-yet-stylistic pop hits on More Adventurous opened Rilo Kiley up to a wider audience without sacrificing their artistic integrity.

The biggest hit of the album -- and arguably best of their career -- "Portions For Foxes," exemplifies the unique sound Rilo Kiley was going for. It's part pop, part rock, a smidge country, and sweet-yet-sad all around. Jenny Lewis knows exactly how to make a listener's heart melt with her honeyed voice and onstage charm. In the lyrics, Lewis explores a dysfunctional relationship, crooning about a boy who's "bad news," yet she just can't stay away. She acknowledges her own part in the flawed affair at the end when she sings, "you're bad news, I don't care, I like you." Blake Sennett's playful guitar melodies are on-point as well, complementing every whimper and emotion in Lewis' voice. This is Rilo Kiley at their best: pouty, contemplative, and fun at the same time.


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