"Real Deal" - Tyga [SoundCloud Audio Stream + Lyrics]

Todd Levy

by Todd Levy

Published May 28, 2014

Tyga has just released "Real Deal," a catchy-ass song that will likely live on his fifth studio album, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty. The Young Money artist is back paying homage to a stripper, a formula that has been successful for him, most notably on his 2012 hit "Rack City." "Real Deal" has the potential to be another big radio song for Tyga.

In "Real Deal," Tyga raps in a less gritty manner than he has in his recent work. While the song's content matter is in line with the California rapper's recent releases, the production and vibe of the track are reminiscent of his cerebral 2009 mixtape, Black Thoughts.

To follow all things Tyga, check out his Zumic artist page.

Tyga - "Real Deal" Lyrics:

Looking at the clock it's about that time
Can I introduce myself?
I been watching you from far,and it's been too long can I have this song?
I just get so mesmerized when you up and against that pole
I just wanna take you home
Who are they to criticize
How you decide to make your money
I will spend every dime on you baby, take it from me
Since I saw you in the corner
Had to let you know I want ya
All these bitches say you bougie
Didn't stop me from approaching
I don't give a fuck, what your reputation is
I just won't repeat this night and do it all over again
These are the thoughts in my mind
Hope you don't think I'm crazy
Just don't ever try to play me
These are rules I'm engaging
I sit back in the back and wait for the perfect time
Seems you don't have the time
Wish I could reverse the time
Pretty little thang, give me love out of a sippy cup
Sit me up, finish up, zip it up, this is lust

[Hook] x2
Walk up in this bitch said I need that (need that)
Shawty caught my eyes said I need that (need that)
Let me get a feel, man I hope it feel real
I’m the fuckin' real deal,bend over bitch you know the drill

Pretty pussy popping put your back in that, hand stands
I'm about to have a heart attack, let me handle that
Can we go somewhere, private show me for a private dance
You been working way too hard, I just think you need a man
I can be your fucking man, we can fuck and do some things
I can make the headboard bang, let me make your clit sing
Im not tryna be rude
I just wanna see your birthday suit, if it's cool with you
Let me taste, taste your best friend too
Knew you were such a super freak
I could only daydream about it, now it's all reality
I pretend she was you when you make a squirt scene
Am I choking you too hard? Hope nobody hears you scream
Am a little crazy when it comes to you baby
We can live together, you're my midnight fantasy
I won't let them hurt you
I be right back to the ATM
These are the thoughts in my conscious can you hear them? (hear them)


Don't stop, keep dirty dancing (dancing)
I like it when you turn around dancing (dancing)
Let me put my hand on it, baby keep dancing (dancing)
Don't stop baby keep on dirty dancing



Source: KingGoldChains SoundCloud

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