"Show Da World" - Lil Boosie ft Webbie & Kiara [Official Music Video + Lyrics]

Patrick Lyons

by Patrick Lyons

Published April 7, 2014

On March 5th, Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie was released from prison after serving five years for drug possession. Now he's back with his first video since being released, "Show Da World," featuring a verse from longtime collaborator Webbie and a hook from Kiara. Watch it above.

The video takes us to nearly every corner of the continental U.S., with Boosie fans everywhere repping the newly-freed MC with "Trill Entertainment" shirts. It's a powerful display of Boosie's loyal fanbase, and acts as a joyous coming-out party for the rapper. The one weird thing about the "Show Da World" video is that from approximately 2:27-2:29, it features a brief clip of the man pictured below that seems totally unrelated to the rest of the video.

"Who am I and how did I end up in a Lil Boosie video?"

Is this a joke, a mistake or was Boosie so desperate for a Rick Rubin cameo that he settled for hiring a lookalike? Our guess is as good as yours.

Listen to "Cake," a 2013 Bun B track that features a verse by a still-incarcerated Boosie, right here on Zumic. The lyrics to "Show The World" are below.

Lil Boosie ft Webbie & Kiara "Show The World" lyrics:

I just wanna show the world
That really do this shit
That I really make quality street music (know what I'm talkin' bout)
And It ain't no mistake that I'm this good
I just done seen seen a lot (know what I'm talkin' bout)

[Hook: Lil Boosie]
We gon' show the world
The definition of real shit, my brother
You gotta feel it, lil' hustler
We gon' show the world
The definition of real shit, my nigga
You gotta feel it, lil' nigga

I got my own voice (blessed)
Sing my own hooks (blessed)
Fresh fade, nice smile, got my own look (fresh)
I just like to make people happy (for real)
4 kids, I just like being a good daddy
But I'm a gangsta and I rock shows (you ain't see my shows)
A people person so you know Lil Boosie got hoes
Damn hoes that's a figure speech
Get a lotta shit like that, when you listen to me
As for my fans, I love y'all
Straight up, y'all a part of me so when they hate, they hate us
Money keep a nigga going, to better things
Mane I take it to the bank, I don't make it rain
But I'm fly like Weezy
Plus the hood niggas man they believe me like Jeezy
And I just like to have a good time
Hit the yo, smoke one, and put my life, in my rhymes


Father forgive me I was raised on some real shit
So I can't sugar coat shit, not a lil' bit
Inside I'm sad bout my dad
Since I lost my Grands ain't been giving a damn
But I still hold my head high
And sometimes I cry
But when I cry mane, I don't know why
I feel trapped to be a superstar
100 thousand worth of jewelry to end it
And I spend it, with no problem
You don't like Badazz then that's your problem
M.O.B woudln't give a damn if they hoes holla
Love cars, love broads, with a passion
I ain't never have shit so I'm flashy
I work hard go and get it on the road
Seven month run 750 out for shows get it?
I'm hood rich, still smokin' that good shit
Still got the same hood clique


I told my teacher to her eyes I'mma make it there
She ain't even look surprise gave me another F
Or a fuckin' D heaven you gotta see
Fuck the world lately
Be whatever ever you wanna be
Ain't nothing like a strong mind and some confidence
When ever you step out line, it's consequence
We all overseas, we puffin' weed
We'll make you niggas bleed, yes in fuckin' deed
747 yellin' 747
On the real we gotta be a couple miles from heaven
The world tried to pull us down but we ain't fuckin' let it
I woulda did some of it different but I don't regret it
That's one thing about me though, I never been a quitter
That's seizure shit crazy, shout out to the hospital
Rest in peace ma, I'mma be on TV
Young Savage, Sweet Jones, Trill Family



Source: MTV

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