"Sing" - Ed Sheeran on The Voice 5.20.2014 [YouTube Video]

Diana Chan

by Diana Chan

Published May 21, 2014

Ed Sheeran appeared on the season finale of The Voice last night to perform his latest single, "Sing." Check it out above.

The talented British singer-songwriter sounded amazing in his performance of a song that is very difficult to sing. In a track that's basically a lesson in vocal exercises, Sheeran seamlessly transitions between his regular singing voice, falsetto voice, accelerated sing-rap style rhymes, and loud vocal chants. It's a tall order for a vocalist, but Sheeran manages to accomplish all that without skipping a breath or a beat on his guitar. He's also got an understated, endearing stage presence that he shows off while standing in the midst of dozens of TV sets during the performance.

x is out on June 23rd, and is available for preorder now on iTunes and Amazon. Ed Sheeran will be on a North American tour this summer -- you can find tour dates and locations right here on Zumic. Check out Ed Sheeran's Zumic artist page for more on his latest music and news.


Source: The Voice YouTube Channel

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