Larry King Joins Snoop Lion For Interview and Peanut-Buttery Music Video [YouTube Video]

Arielle Cruz

by Arielle Cruz

Published July 18, 2013

This interview between Snoop and Larry King is all kinds of crazy. Snoop invited King to his show on his GGN YouTube network to teach the TV host how to rap, and what resulted is 10 minutes of footage that is simultaneously hilarious and cringeworthy. You have to watch it yourself for the full experience, but if you aren't going to, we've done it for you. Warning: Spoilers.

At the beginning of Larry King's first ever (probably) rap lesson, King asked Snoop, "Is there a Jewish rap star?" Off of the top of our heads we thought of the Beastie Boys, Drake and Matisyahu. Snoop said "Not yet." Sure.


So, Larry declared, "I've broken ground in many other ways, I will now break ground as a Jewish rap star." With King dressed in a red Adidas jumpsuit and a rasta beanie, and Snoop dressed in the patented Larry King shirt and suspenders, the duo rapped over bells(?) about eating, the Dodgers, and peanut butter. King may have broken something during the performance, but it probably wasn't "ground as a Jewish rap star."

King also introduced the show's weather segment called "ThunderClap's Weather Report." We'll let you use your imagination here. (Hint: It's exactly what it sounds like. It even has it's own intro.)


King gets to take point a few times and interviews Snoop about people he would like to meet and work with. Snoop completed King's sentences.

If I could work with anybody it would be .... "Lou Ferrigno"
If I could see anyone perform live it would be .... "Sade"
One thing I look for in a woman is .... "Security"
If I wasn't interviewing I'd be .... "Smoking"
5 people I would want to have dinner with dead or alive .... "Marilyn Monroe, Lena Horne, Sissy Spacek, Dorothy Dandridge, Princess Diana."

Snoop interviewed King, too, and King listed some of his top interviews of all time: Sinatra, Mandela, Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali.

Watch the video above. You won't be sorry you did ... probably. The range of topics they cover over this 10 minutes is insane. Over the credits King even declares his support for legalizing weed, which kind of urges the question, does Larry King smoke? We wouldn't judge if he did.


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