"So Sick Stories" - Ratking ft King Krule [YouTube Official Music Video + Lyrics]

Patrick Lyons

by Patrick Lyons

Published March 18, 2014

Snotty Harlem rap crew Ratking have just shared a video for "So Sick Stories," the first track we've heard from their Vonnegut-inspired debut album So It Goes. The track features King Krule and a pair of dense verses by Wiki and Hak. Watch above, and view the lyrics below.

Following Ratking, King Krule, and their friends around otherwise deserted NYC streets, the video matches the gritty, intensely personal character of "So Sick Stories." Towards the end of the song, a patois-adopting Wiki offers up what might be the best mission statement Ratking has made to date: "Suave slobs conquer Manna-hattan." Hak's verse might be better than his though, as he crams in more assonance and alliteration than you'd think was possible in 70 second verse.

So It Goes drops on April 8th via XL imprint Hot Charity. There's no preorder yet, but you can check out the tracklist below the lyrics to "So Sick Stories."

Ratking ft King Krule "So Sick Stories" lyrics:

[Hook: King Krule] x2
Now do you see this?
The way the grey controls
Only the souls that go to sleep
To sink and dissolve
I'm set adrift
In between the concrete and the mist
Just a lover in the city river bliss

Uptown sold to American Century, no dispute
Out foreign coupe, Malcolm get shoot, shot
Harlem screaming 'How come it's you not
Other fucker at the autobahn spot?'
Got 'dini to see me scheme-y, junkies do it easily
Deceive me, believe me, monthly, must be
Easy to fuck with Wik
In my ears sayin' 'Suck this dick' 'fore I get sadistic
I'm in the corner cryin' 'what's this shit?'
Seems I'm either puffin' that bliss or cut from my wrists
Yin and yang, either stingin' with pain or bringin' that grain
Either way, always saw the same thing
That gang, might it be worth it?
Life in the circle, write in my journal, my journals die
City implodes with the prettiest prose
Mixed with the gritty and gross
I pity the hideous schmo, not the idiot schmucks
Still givin' a fuck, but I pity 'em so I guess I care too
Compared to, I-I-I dare to
Keep tryin' we're dyin', the honor be my heirloom

[Hook: King Krule]

Maude mutts, extreme harbored us
Lucky loop of lefty Louies shufflin' suave struts
Wrist carved up, from sellin' street stones
Whose scars won't shut, no scars won't shut
Back in kickball, they were the kids that got cut
Type to lick your tears off, poke your gut and such
Now who's stuck and where's my luck
March faction, bail boom, where's my buck?
Wouldn't last long on Lennox, you scared to come up
What you need to be is scared of the come-up
When you need to be shootin' the shows and save the young pups
Tour heat, Times Square post everything up
Bashin' and barkin' like dogs in the fall
Down in that South, slow drawls and haggard hogs
I can feel your hunger baby, scribblin' make you starve
Taught you 'bout tattered walls, scratch and scattered scrawls
Night you like to breathe, but you talk timid towards tame it all
My tongue rips, burns holes through pockets and drawers
I was born in the ocean, and after my life's on shore
Take your last look at the world, world, world
Guess who's batting off like how? What the hell?
Aura, aura signals, stars, terror, sittin' in your cell
Thinkin' to yourself how I fell, but, well oh well

[Hook: King Krule]

[Outro: Wiki] x3
Suave slobs conquer Manna-hattan
Wally's on my beats, Wally's on the creep cross that
Street for the people who peep their nostalgia
All the karma could come upon ya

Ratking So It Goes tracklist:

1. *
2. Canal
3. Snow Beach
4. So Sick Stories (ft. King Krule)
5. Remove Ya
6. Eat
7. So It Goes
8. Puerto Rican Judo (ft. Wavy Spice)
9. Protein
10. Bug Fights
11. Take (ft. Salomon Faye)


Source: Ratking Official YouTube Channel

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