"Stranded (On My Own)" - Titus Andronicus [SoundCloud Audio Stream + Lyrics]

Evan Petersen

by Evan Petersen

Published July 2, 2014

With a Shakespeare callback in their name and a catalog thick with relatively esoteric literary nods, Titus Andronicus are no strangers to references. Now, with the first track from their upcoming split 7" with Wicked Kind, they reference seminal punk song "(I'm) Stranded" by The Saints.

Lyrically, "Stranded (On My Own)" has almost nothing to do with its namesake, but you can hear the musical influences shining through. Glittering guitars echo the proto-punk sound of The Saints, with frontman Patrick Stickles' throat-tearing vocals sitting above everything, slurring out the emotionally intense lyrics. The song is full of fury, but the sounds are bright, similar to the dissonant beauty of contemporary bands like Fucked Up. Check out the track above.

The 7" will be part of the band's new single subscription series. You can order the singles at Titus Andronicus' Big Cartel store.

Patrick Stickles announced the 7" single series in an awesomely awkward, almost 2-hour "press conference" on YouTube, during which he discusses his favorite 7" singles and appears to be kinda drunk.


Source: TitusAndronicusTheBand SoundCloud

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