"This Is A Game" - Nick Waterhouse [YouTube Official Music Video]

Evan Petersen

by Evan Petersen

Published January 29, 2014

Nick Waterhouse takes a beating in the new video for "This Is A Game," a track from his upcoming album, Holly. He recently released the song as a single, and now it's gotten the video treatment.

In a modern twist on the smoke-filled clubs and seedy back alleys of yesteryear (much like his music), the video sees the singer get himself into all sorts of trouble. It all starts when innocent flirtation turns into mackin' on another fella's dame. A couple ruffians come to set him straight, but his shiner doesn't teach him any lessons. Soon enough, he's back in the bar, singin', playin', stealin' kisses, and drinkin' hooch. Check it out above.

Holly comes out on Innovative Leisure on March 4th. Pre-order the album through iTunes.

Video credits:

Director: Matt Spicer
DP: Alex Bergman
Editor: Lucas Spaulding
Production co: Alldayeveryday
Producer: Anthony Giglio


Source: Innovative Leisure YouTube Channel

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