"Turning Violent" - The Flaming Lips [Youtube Official Video]

Sandra Baptista

by Sandra Baptista

Published July 15, 2013

The Flaming Lips track "Turning Violent" swims through lower echelons of darkness. This intense track starts out with a whomping oscillation that rips you down into a most raw and honest place. The bare white walls of a white room where the band plays for most of the video also lend to the feeling of a stripped, bare sound. A slow build up follows - at first, a few strums of a bass guitar, followed by interval strikes on the cymbal, and then Steven Drozd's falsetto vocals delivered slowly soothes, bleeding in perfectly with the song's dark sounds.

Then come the psychedlic lights, and the glowing, neon stickers on Wayne Coyne's cheek bones light up the room along with his voice. The song breaks into a rich, layered psychedelic track more traditional of The Flaming Lip's sound.

Oh, and you can't miss the ceremony that is part of the video. It seems like some sort of pre-natal ritual or just plain lady worship: a woman lays in the middle of a crowd as they look to her, pouring gold glitter over her body. They are all wearing glistening metallic fabrics. Fantastic.




The Flaming Lips
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