"Used To It" - Rogue Wave Pandora Whiteboard Sessions [YouTube Video]

Michael Charboneau

by Michael Charboneau

Published June 5, 2013

California indie group Rogue Wave stopped by the Pandora offices for an intimate performance of "Used To It," from their latest album, Nightingale Floors. Armed with only acoustic guitars, a glockenspiel, and a bagged tambourine, the band delivers a beautifully stripped-down and heartfelt rendition of the song. Zach Rogue's voice sounds especially impressive. Don't miss this one, it's a unique performance from an excellent band.

Pandora officially began the Whiteboard Sessions in the fall of 2012 as a way to share the acoustic performances musicians sometimes gave when touring the Pandora offices. What started out as a perk for Pandora employees has become a regular performance series, all taking place in front of the office whiteboard.


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