Watch Black Mountain's Performance From Lee's Palace in Toronto, 2016 [Official Pro-Shot Video]

Francesco Marano

by Francesco Marano

Published February 6, 2017


Black Mountain at Lee's Palace in Toronto, 2016 Setlist
01. "Mothers of the Sun"
02. "Florian Saucer Attack"
03. "Cemetary Breeding"
04. "Constellations"
05. "Space to Bakersfield"

One of music's most exciting psychedelic rock bands is Vancouver's Black Mountain. Their 2016 album, IV, can be compared to mid-70's Pink Floyd with thick guitar riffs, spacey sounds, and lush harmonies. Whether you are familiar with the band or not, we think you'll enjoy the live video recording above from Lee's Palace in Toronto, courtesy of CBC Music's YouTube.

Pick up IV on Amazon. You can also stream the full album for free and read our review here on Zumic.

For more, check out the Black Mountain Zumic artist page.

Source: CBC Music YouTube

Black Mountain
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