Wayne Brady Drops Knowledge on Sway In The Morning 2.21.2014 [Freestyle & Interview YouTube Videos]

Justin Stanger

by Justin Stanger

Published February 24, 2014
Wayne Brady's Freestyle on Sway in the Morning 2.21.2014

Wayne Brady, star of the show Whose Line Is It Anyway, was a guest on Friday's episode of Sway In The Morning. Brady put his improvisational skills to use for their "Five Fingers of Death" segment. For the segment, DJ Wonder gives their guest a beat and Sway shouts a topic to freestyle about.

On Whose Line, Brady often improvises comedic songs. Here, the rhymes are a little less comedic, but every bit as impressive. The subjects covered were the winter olympics, Bruce Jenner's adam's apple, Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, Lil Kim's pregnancy, and the BET Honors. At one point, Sway yelled out "Phillip Seymour Hoffman," and DJ Wonder cut off the beat out of respect for the late actor. Good thing, too, because freestyling about the death of a beloved actor is dangerous territory.

Wayne Brady Interview on Sway in the Morning 2.21.2014

Brady also sat down with Sway for an interview to promote BET Honors, which Brady is hosting on Monday at 9. The two talked about YouTube and race. On the subject of YouTube, Brady acknowledges that the website is good for artists to get their names out there. However, with the immediacy of YouTube, he also thinks that quality of music is decreasing.

Then, a listener called to express his surprise that Wayne Brady is black. As someone who didn't know who Brady was before listening to the show, he attributed the name Brady to The Brady Bunch. The next caller asked what he thought about the reaction to his famous Chapelle's Show sketch. The caller claimed he was "acting ghetto" where most people might think he usually acts white. Brady's reaction was "kiss my ass." He goes on to say "It's one of the most ignorant things to say oh, you're a white guy because you sound like this and act like this. That is one of the dumbest things a black person can say to another black person." The speech he gives in response is so passionate and intelligent, it's easy to see why BET hired him to host Monday's event.

Watch both videos above.


Source: SwaysUniverse YouTube Channel

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