"Whippin A Brick" - Mike WiLL Made It ft Migos & Wiz Khalifa [SoundCloud Stream, Free Download & Lyrics]

Patrick Lyons

by Patrick Lyons

Published November 12, 2013

When he's not making beats for a zillion different pop stars and rappers, Atlanta producer Mike WiLL Made It also has a solo career. He's released three mixtapes in his Est. in 1989 series, and has a new one, #MikeWiLLBeenTriLL due out in December. "Whippin A Brick" features fellow ATLiens Migos as well as Wiz Khalifa, and it's the first track we've heard off the upcoming release.

As can be inferred from its title, "Whippin A Brick" is a trap song in its purest form. There's talk of kitchens, pots, pans, and scales, and it's quite clear that Migos and Khalifa aren't rapping about cooking gourmet delicacies. As strange as it may sound, it's nice to hear Mike WiLL take a break from making pop music and instead focus on grittier subjects.

Stay tuned for more info on #MikeWiLLBeenTriLL, and check out the lyrics to "Whippin A Brick" below.

Mike WiLL Made It ft Migos & Wiz Khalifa – "Whippin A Brick" lyrics:

Pots in the pan when we break the stick (whip whip)
Pull up to the kitchen with that strong arm majesty
Chain hit the door and they callin me ‘your majesty’
Hit the highway with 50 bricks and a Spanish bitch

Whippin a brick, whippin a whippin a brick, whippin a brick
Whippin a brick, whippin a whippin a brick, whippin a brick
Whippin a brick, whippin a whippin a brick, whippin a brick
Whippin a brick, whippin a whippin a brick, whippin a brick

Whippin a brick, whippin a whippin a brick, I’m tryna bite the stick
Takin yo bitch, makin er cook up a brick, I’m tryna work the bitch
My niggas go crazy for babies
I pull up in drop Mercedes
Got biggest Versace lens on but nah my eyes ain’t lazy
My nigga go crazy for check, whippin, I’m makin er sweat
Young nigga I stay with team
I pull in Rovers and jazz my nigga
Keep mashin out of the ghet
I’m getting the Miley to Hanna Montana
I’m pourin the lean in my Tropicana
Yo bitch bought me a Panamera
Cuz my whip game is so special



When I’m in the kitchen I turn to the killers
My wrist just spinning, I’m doing my figures
The kush in the pans got dope on it
Yo bitch in the kitchen, she washin up dishes
The birds be flyin, the baby be cryin, my dom is them niggas go blind
Giani Giani, Versace Versace, medusa medusa no lie
Christian Loubuittons
Like I done committed a crime
I’m swerving the cellie and then whippin it rugby, might drop off yo lot
Package deal trafficker
Your bitches, they call me your majesty
For 50 a key got the magic stick
You went off, it’s gon be a tragedy



28 grams, I’m cookin a zip
Pull up in a white foreign whip, I’m whippin a brick
Spit it then rip, got yo main bitch on my dick, nigga she stick to the tip
Lickin her lips, going so long with the stick
Swingin, I’m hittin the fence
Getting these chips, really got millions this year
Got niggas thinkin you rich
9 off my trina my bitch
Give her that package she takin that shit on a trip
No location on the Instagram, I’m tryna shake the feds
Plus you know I’m fresh to death, I’m tryna wake the dead
Sip on some shit, might take a pic wit yo bitch
When I visit the VIP he might be going all the way
I might be with this shit
Whippin up the extras like some eggs in the AM
Whippin a brick, clips and start hittin my cargo
Keep dippin, you talkin we livin






Source: Eardrummers Official SoundCloud Page

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