"Whoa" - Snoh Aalegra [YouTube Music Video]

Sultry visual featuring Michael B. Jordan
Zumic Staff

by Zumic Staff

Published December 13, 2019

Swedish-Iranian singer Snoh Aalegra released a new music video with actor Michael B. Jordan as her love interest for her single “Whoa” off of her album - Ugh, those feels again. Watch the official music video above, courtesy of the artist’s YouTube page.

“Whoa” is a feel-good song about wanting to be with someone you love. Snoh sings about yearning for her love’s presence and the bliss that it brings her when they’re together, “Don’t wanna leave / I just wanna be here by your side / You make me feel and believe that we in paradise / Cause I don’t feel the ground... but I’m feelin' right.” Her lover makes her feel so deeply that she can only express herself by singing, "Whoa," going beyond what words could ever describe.

The music video is introduced with Snoh’s silhouette glimmering in the darkness. The beat drops and the singer is surrounded by a variety of vibrant plants and flowers. Her on-screen lover, Michael B. Jordan, is introduced as they lock eyes and exchange an intimate kiss in the middle of the street.

Stylistically, the set design and wardrobe reflect the song beautifully, while the use of lighting effects and textures bring the song to life with retro elements, fluffy clouds, flames, and trails of red light. Snoh and her man end this ethereal experience in a dark bedroom draped in tulle, but there are brief moments of uncertainty when we see them sitting silently, and a cracked mirror at the 2:24 mark.

Along with “Whoa,” -Ugh, those feels again includes many other ballads that follow her experiences of romance and heartache. Aalegra recently completed a headlining tour in conjunction with the album, and is preparing for a second leg scheduled to begin in March of 2020. For more, check out Snoh Aalegra's Zumic artist page.

Snoh Aalegra
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