Wilco To Stream Sydney Opera House Show Live [Official Live Stream]

Donovan Farley

by Donovan Farley

Published April 2, 2013

Jeff Tweedy and company have always been great about sharing music: they were one of the first bands to stream their records for free before their release, they famously released their masterful Yankee Hotel Foxtrot for free when their record company wanted them to change it, they have always posted soundboards of shows for free on their site and every now and again the band streams concerts live. The April 3rd show from the world famous Sydney Opera House will be one of these occasions.


From the band's site:

G'day and good news from Wilco HQ. Tonight's show (April 3) at the Sydney Opera House will stream (audio and video) live online. You can watch it right here below. Confused about time zones? Here's when Wilco will hit the stage (the stream will start 30 minutes prior to the stage times below):

Sydney: 9:30pm
Madrid: 12:30pm
Chicago: 5:30am

Tweedy also once told tech magazine/site Wired that:

A piece of art is not a loaf of bread. When someone steals a loaf of bread from the store, that's it. The loaf of bread is gone. When someone downloads a piece of music, it's just data until the listener puts that music back together with their own ears, their mind, their subjective experience. How they perceive your work changes your work.
Treating your audience like thieves is absurd. Anyone who chooses to listen to our music becomes a collaborator.
People who look at music as commerce don't understand that. They are talking about pieces of plastic they want to sell, packages of intellectual property.
I'm not interested in selling pieces of plastic.


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