Wu Tang's U-God Tells Kanye to "Come back to Earth," Praises Kendrick Lamar

Arielle Cruz

by Arielle Cruz

Published July 22, 2013


U-God of Wu Tang Clan has had a few thoughts to share about his fellow rappers lately, especially rap royals like Kanye West and Jay Z.

In an interview with Huffington Post published today, U-God passed judgement on some of the big rap albums that have been released so far this summer.

Of West's electric heavy Yeezus he said,

"Tell him there's no sound in space. He's got to come back on planet Earth. Space is a vacuum. There's no sound in space. Earth is where it's at. Come back down baby, come back."

He was less critical of Jay Z's album Magna Carta Holy Grail, saying

"Jay's in a creative zone, and he had to adjust to the digital age. He had to make that transition like any other artist. I look at this as a transitional album for him. The man is always going to have lyrics and be rhyming. That's just what he do. It's all good, man."

U-God reportedly likes J. Cole's music, but not his entitled attitude. Though he did say that Born Sinner is evidence that J. Cole is at the talent level of artists like Jay Z and Nas, he also said that for a sophomore album, J. Cole bragged a little too much on Born Sinner.

"See, my whole thing is, with respect, dude's got to earn that," he said. "Don't just talk about it. I don't like it when dude's just talking in the air, it's like taking a gun out and shooting in the air. Naw, man. Just keep coming — just keep making music until people bow down like that."

The rapper who got the most praise was Kendrick Lamar, though Drake and Lil Wayne got recognized too.

"There's a long list of younger brothers coming up, but what makes my blood boil is when I hear my brothers like Jay and Nas rapping. There are just certain dudes that when they spit -- like P[rodigy] from Mobb Deep -- when I hear them rhyme, it just triggers something in me. That's how you're supposed to do it. Kendrick got my blood boiling like that, too. He has that spark, like, Oooh. Lil Wayne has my blood boiling too -- he be saying some fly shit. Drake too, man! I don't know why niggas frontin' on Drake. He has rhymes, man. He's getting it in. I'm not trying to be like him, but I'm not going to front on you, I like his style of music. Everyone who is in touch with their individuality — I enjoy it. That's what hip-hop is about."

With a new album coming out himself, U-God may regret making some of these statements. If he's not lucky, rappers like Kanye may return the favor.

U-God's new album Keynote Speaker will be out tomorrow, and will feature Method Man, Inspectah Deck, GZA, RZA and more. He calls the new album "his becoming," and says "I'm coming to the podium to tell my story. That's the meaning of the record — I'm talking like Obama and saying my speech, like someone giving a piece of his mind and his element."

You can listen to Keynote Speaker tomorrow and preorder it here. Between U-God comparing himself to Obama, and Ye comparing himself to Bill Gates and Jesus, there may be two "gods" who need to come back down to Earth.

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