"Government Plates" - Death Grips [SoundCloud Album Stream & Free Download]

Zach Ayer

by Zach Ayer

Published November 14, 2013

Death Grips, amidst record label controversy and show cancelations, have released Government Plates, their latest album, for free through their own label, Thirdworlds. In addition the SoundCloud stream, you can download Government Plates in its entirety from Thirdworlds' Official Website.

The album sounds violent and unapologetically bombastic with heavy repetition of bass heavy beats and in-your-face samples. All of the songs, like opener "You Might Think He Loves You..." and the aptly named "This is Violence Now," feature vocals rapped or shouted incomprehensibly by lead vocalist Stefan Burnett. Par for the Death Grips course, the tracks change paces and moods at the drop of a beat, upping the bass and dropping the tempo randomly in a dubstep-like fashion. "Birds," a single released earlier this year, is one of the more interesting tracks, utilizing high pitched guitar and electronic samples that emulate the sound of birds. The disconnect between the occasional calm raps and violent outbursts of strange dissonance makes the album a worthy, yet occasionally grating listen.

With very little information to go on, it is hard to say whether Government Plates qualifies as a true studio album. A divisive listen as always, Death Grips continues to innovate their rap game, forcing listeners to come along for a very trippy ride.

Check out the music videos released for the first and last tracks, "You Might Think He Loves You..." and "Whatever I Want (Fuck Who's Watching)" on Zumic. Go to their Zumic Artist Page for more news, music, and tour dates.


Source: Death Grips' SoundCloud Page

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