Flo Rida Is Ripping Everyone Off

Jimmy Haas

by Jimmy Haas

Published July 29, 2013


Flo Rida has drawn the ire of hit producer Diplo, who claims that the Miami rapper ripped off his video style with his latest song, "Can't Believe It."

As previously covered here, "Can't Believe It" professes Flo Rida and Pitbull's love of butts, which are a frequent topic of songs nowadays. The problem Diplo found with this is that the video bears a striking resemblance to his own, "Butter's Song."

The video for "Butter's Song" is full of computer-generated clones of women in front of a what seems to be an old CGI background in a surrealist blending of graphics and people.


"Can't Believe It" uses this same aesthetic, early 90s-quality graphics and all, in its tribute to butts. I can't believe I had to write that sentence.


Granted, there are stark differences between the two. For example, Diplo's background is just a pinkish-hue, while Flo Rida's is a beach from a screensaver he found in Windows 95.



Also, in Diplo's song, almost all of the lyrics are just the word, "yo." "Can't Believe It" has several verses of lyrics that are so depressingly simplistic they might as well just be "yo."



Diplo took to twitter to express his displeasure, displaying why he is an electronica producer and not a lyricist, saying:

He also proposed a solution:

At least he realizes the likelihood of actually winning that fight. He deserves some respect for that.

Of course, it is also interesting (very sad) to see that not only did Flo Rida steal the music video, he also stole the music wholesale from London-based house duo, Infinity Ink.

Check out "Can't Believe It" to see what happens when you combine Diplo and Infinity Ink.

There is still no word from the man who invented this style of video though. Twenty years ago. Just saying.

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